Four Phenomenal Innovations in Home Solar TechnologyWhile residential solar technology is far from a new concept, teams of scientists, engineers and designers are continually working on advancing solar technology at a dramatic pace. With the ever increasing push in society for more Eco-friendly options around the home, conscientious consumers have much to be excited about in the world of solar. Check out these four fascinating solar power breakthroughs that can help reduce energy costs and change the way our Summerlin homes operate on a daily basis.

1. Customized Solar Panel Roofing Skins

Some homeowners have been reluctant to transition to solar due because they find traditional rooftop panels to be cumbersome and unsightly. Enhancements in the development of ‘solar skin' roofing panels that can match the roof and even customize its appearance now challenge old concepts. Some of the most creative options include making the roof appear to be covered in grass or flora, patriotic flag designs and colors and patterns to complement the home's hues and architectural design. Created by the MIT startup Sistine Solar, these creative roofing skins can enhance a home's aesthetics, and these panels are just as effective as traditional rooftop solar systems.

2. Solar Tracking Ground Mounted Solar

Home solar innovations don't cease with roofing technology improvements. In fact, ground mounted solar that's equipped with sun tracking capabilities are predicted to eclipse traditional roofing options. Some statistics estimate a 256 percent year-over-year increase with nearly half of all ground mounted solar predicted to have tracking abilities. While the tech has been available for a few years, the sun-maximizing panels that shift automatically to capture those energy-saving rays are now becoming more affordable for the everyday homeowner. Ground mounted residential solar technology is also ideal for homeowners with less than ideal roofs that aren't suitable for traditional panels.

3. Solar Powered Water Purifiers

New strides in efficiency have been made in the realm of solar powered residential water purifiers. Through a collaboration of Stanford University researches and the US Department of Energy, a much smaller solar water filtering device is available. This new model is able to take just a few minutes of sun exposure and turn it into power to create pure drinking water, whereas previous devices could require several hours to charge up. This improved technology makes it not only ideal for the home, but it is sure to be popular with camping and hiking enthusiast who need potable water options on the go.

4. Solar Powered Sidewalks and Driveways

Imagine having driveways and sidewalks that generate clean energy, boast their own LED lighting, and can even generate thermal heating to melt snow and ice during winter weather. Homeowners who love the sound of this up-and-coming tech may have to wait a few years before it hits mainstream, and even then it's likely to come at a hefty price initially. Currently, solar powered roadways and sidewalks are being tested with much success along historic Route 66 and within a downtown square in an Idaho resort town. The innovators of this new and exciting photovoltaic technology hope to transform thousands of miles of roadways, sidewalks and common spaces into energy-generating powerhouses that could soon be a part of your home.

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